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Guidelines to Help Plan Team Building Activities


There are so many people who are always wondering whether team building activities are worthwhile. The fact remains that there are so many characters that are positively impacted through these team-building activities. When planning team, planning activities, you should be keen and overly creative. Research shows that there are so many people or workers who don't enjoy team building activities but through being creative and considerate, you will be able to capture and nurture their attention and participation. Listed below are things that will help you plan the best team building activities that everybody will be happy to join and participate.


First, you should always plan and schedule the Art Jamming activities during the working hours. There is need to always be keen and understand that your employees might love the job but they might not be interested in spending extra hours on the office. Therefore, you need to slot the team building activity in a working day and during the official working hours. There is need to ensure that all employees have a motivation that will make them attend and participate. There is need to always ensure that you have scheduled the activity when everybody is present.


The second thing to consider is identifying a volunteer work or activity that you can participate in. There is no way your employees will dislike and dismiss the idea of participating in a charitable project that will make the community a better place. There are so many things that you can do as a group even cooking and preparing a meal for the street kids and giving them clothes.  Look for fun things to do in singapore here!


When planning a team building event or activity, you should always prioritize on team work and collaboration and never competition whatsoever. There should never be a winning or a contesting element in the activity as this contesting element will snatch the attention of the employees. Therefore, ensure to always have an activity that will help all the employees learn and work together as a big team.


The last but not the least, you should ensure to set realistic and clear expectations for the activity. There is need to set an intent and have the employees understand the intent. There is need to make it clear that you are not embarking on the team building activity as a way of halting some office work for some hours. For instance, you could have the event planned as a way of welcoming the newly hired employees into the team and making them feel comfortable. Whichever the case or the motive, you should be realistic and all the employees should acknowledge the intent.